The Forbidden
Bailing/Chorus The Citadel Theatre Ron Jenkins
Mid Autumn Festival Celebration Show Hou Yi (lead) Fallsview Casino
Grand Hall
Alan Tang
Halifax Busker
Host Halifax Waterfront N/A
The General Motors
Mainstage Auto
Stunt Performer Metro Toronto
Jim Applebaum
Detroit Pistons Half
Time Show
Stunt Performer The Palace N/A
Toronto International
Circus Festival
Host The Distillery District Eli Chomenki
38th Annual Canada
Day Celebration
Host Queen’s Park Rick Davis
Kingston Busker
Host Kingston Waterfront N/A
The Calgary
Stunt Performer Grandstand Brian Folley
National Advertising
Benevolence Society (NABS) Charity Auction
Stunt Performer Guvnerment Chris Oliver
Oriental Fusion Stunt Performer Exhibition Place Clement Chu
The Visit Pedro Robert Gill Theatre Daniella Marchese
Crime and Etiquette Johnny St. Patrick’s German
Parish Hall
R.J. Downes
The Jackie Chan
Charity Auction
Stunt Performer Skydome JC Team


                              ACTING & PERFORMANCE TRAINING


· The Pro Actor’s Lab – Advanced On Camera Scene Study, Bruce Clayton

· The Mega Actor’s Workshop, Marsha Chelsey, Juli-Ann Kay, Ron Leach, Millie Tom,

  Walter Alza

· Auditions Workshop, Gloria Mann

· The Actor’s Symposium, Brian Levy, Crystal Kramer, Ron Leach

· Scene Dynamics, Ron Leach

· Private Vocal Instruction, Susan Cuthbert

· Levels A-E Improvisational Training, The Second City Training Centre

· Acting for Auditions Institute, Ginger Howard Friedman

· Bachelor of Arts Drama Major, University of Toronto,

  Instructors: Ken Gass, Steven Bush, Sally Lyons, Michael Conolly

· Grade 5 Piano, Royal Conservatory of Music

· 7 years Trumpet experience, Vaughan Secondary School Music Department

· Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin


                                          STUNT TRAINING


· Rig Rescue Rappel Training, Advanced Rescue Technique School of Canada

· Non-restricted & Restricted Possession and Acquisition Firearms License (PAL)

· Free Running and Parkour Specialist

· Weapons Specialist: Nunchuks, Bo Staff, Chinese Broadsword

· Former member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team

· Team Ryouko Extreme Martial Arts Performance Team Member

· Stunt Driving, International Film & Precision Driving Instruction Inc. Pro Course

taught by Shane Cardwell, Gil Combs, Dwayne Mclean, & Allan Wyatt Jr.

· 3rd Degree Black Belt, World Tae Kwon Do Federation

· 12 years Gymnastics Training, Steeles West Gymnastics Club

· Level 2 Technical Gymnastics, National Coaching Certification Program

· Level 1 Technical Trampoline, National Coaching Certification Program

· Bronze Medallion Level Swimming, Red Cross Instructional Swimming Program


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