My alarm woke me up at 6:00 am. I turned it off, went to the washroom, brushed my teeth, showered and got ready for the day. When I got back to my room I faced a HUGE DILEMMA: what was I going to wear for my first day on set?!?! I mean what would I be asked to do? I decided to go with the Jackie Chan Stuntman Team gear I received yesterday and some cargo pants and runners for mobility.


It was 6:45 and Brad’s door was still closed, so I turned on the television and waited for him. After about ten to fifteen minutes he came out wearing grey cargos, runners, a fitted t-shirt, and a hoody. Seeing what he wore made me feel better about my wardrobe choice.


“Let’s go.”


We got into the elevator and Brad pushed the button for the lobby. “Isn’t our car parked in the parking garage?”


“We’re not driving there, they’re picking us up.”




“Production. They have drivers to take the cast and crew wherever they need to go.”


“Oh, cool.” I was learning new things all the time here. I never even considered the fact that they’d have drivers driving you from point A to point B. I guess it makes sense because it’s easier to keep track of everyone if they’re together in the transport van rather then individually finding their way to set.


“Where’s Paul and Exy?”


“I don’t know,” after a brief pause I asked him where we’d be shooting. “I don’t know,” he said again simply. The elevator door opened to the lobby and I followed Brad out through the main doors. Outside was a blue minivan waiting for us with a few already people inside. Brad walked over, opened the front door (which was on the left side of the car) and said “Tzou san,” which was “Good morning,” in Cantonese. I quickly learned these words cause I’d be saying them every morning for the next month! I climbed in the back to see Jackie’s hair guy and make up lady who I met yesterday at lunch and a familiar face smiling at me.


“Morning Allen! How’d you sleep?” It was Diana, Jackie’s dialogue coach. Thank god! Someone I could talk to and ask questions about things without getting irritated at me!


“Hi Diana, I slept really well – tired from the flight and time change I guess,”


“Yes, it does take some getting used to doesn’t it?” she said with a smile. She introduced me to the driver as we waited for Paul and Exy. A few minutes later they arrived.


“Cutting it close,” Brad said to Paul.


“We still have two minutes to spare,” Exy chimed in as he sat down and buckled up. Brad just sat in the front quietly. The driver started the engine and we were off to set!


“Where’re we going?” I asked Diana.


“Today’s going to be fun. We’ll be shooting up in the hills of Ireland! The view’s going to be beautiful!”




“Have you seen the call sheet yet?”


“What’s a call sheet?”


Diana smiled and pulled out a bunch of papers stapled in the corner from her bag and handed it to me.


“This is a call sheet. It tells you where we’ll be filming, which scenes we’ll be filming, and who’s needed in the scenes. As well as a timeline for the day.”


I looked at the booklet and it was surprised at how detailed it was. It had everything and I mean EVERYTHING: From the production information, the “Unit Call”, when breakfast was raedy, when lunch would be, what scenes we were doing, all of the actors and background in the scenes, the pick up times for everyone, the props needed, and so much more!


“So they print out one of these call sheets for everybody EVERY DAY!?” I asked in amazement.


“Of course,” Paul said in a is-this-guy-new-or-something kind of way.


I looked further and my name was even there next to Brad and Paul’s! Unfortunately they spelled it wrong – Allan Keng. They spelled “Allen” like Brad’s last name “Allan”. Oh well, I didn’t mind! (Even though growing up that was a HUGE pet peeve of mine! It’s not Alan, Alen, Allan, or Allin – it’s A-L-L-E-N! Get it right people! Eventually I worked up the courage and spoke to one of the AD’s and got it spelled properly!)


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