“CUUUUT!” Gordon yelled. My head turned a little surprised by how loud he had yelled “Cut!” Apparently that was his “thing” cause he’d yell cut like that after EVERY TAKE! He gave some notes to the camera man, something along the lines of, “Stay tighter on them and keep them more centered, then zoom out as they drive off,”


I watched as they did the scene four more times. Each time Claire and Jackie’s actions were exactly the same. And then I realized that making a movie isn’t just about the actors. It’s about how they’re captured on camera as well. So even if the actor’s do everything perfectly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one take is all they need. Making a movie was almost like a team sport – everybody had to play their position perfectly in order to score the perfect take.


The rest of the scenes that had to be shot that day all involved the motorcycle. The wait times between scenes were too long as all they had to do was reposition the motorcycle on different parts of the hill with the ATV.


“CUUUT!” Gordon yelled. And just like that, they day was over. Even though most of the day was spent waiting, I still found the pace and energy of being on a movie set invigorating.


“Go get the pads,” Brad pointed towards Claire.


“Bu-sure thing,” I ran over to Claire nervous as heck and said, “Umm, great job! Could I get the pads back?”


“Oh sure thing Alex,” she was so beautiful and her British accent was so charming I didn’t even notice her call me “Alex,” She removed her elbow pads and handed them to me.


“Thank you,” I said quickly as I turned and ran back to the stunt bag where Brad and Paul were waiting.


“Your welcome!” she called out.


I put the pads away in the bag and followed Brad and Paul to the transport truck to go back to base camp.


“Where do this go?” I asked Brad.


“In Jackie’s trailer.”


“Got it!” Brad grabbed the other bag, which I assumed had more pads in it and we walked over to Jackie’s trailer. Brad knocked on the door and Dorothy opened it and motioned for us to go in. Jackie was getting changed out of his clothes as we entered. We tucked the bags out of the way by the driver’s seat.


“How he do?” Jackie asked Brad.


Brad looked at me and I was scared he was going to say something bad, but all he said was, “Good,” I breathed a sigh of relief. Jackie looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. “Let’s go,” Brad said as he left the trailer.


I followed him quickly then stopped and said, “Bye! Thank you!” and closed the door behind me. We met up with Diana, Paul, and Exy by the transport van. I think everyone was tired cause we didn’t talk too much on the way back – it was a long drive after all. The sun was just setting and illuminated the sky with magnificent shades of yellow, orange, and red. “Wow…” I said under my breath, not just to the sunset but to everything that had happened that day. I had learned so much about how movies worked, I did my first official job as a stuntman, and I delivered breakfast to Jackie Chan! What a day!


We finally arrived at our complex and I waved goodbye to Diana. We got out of the elevator to our floor “See you tomorrow,” Exy said.


“See ya tomorrow!” I happily said back. Paul nodded at me.


As we walked down the hallway to our door Brad asked me, “So what’re your goals?”


“What do you mean?”


“Like do you want to be a stuntman?”


“I want to be an actor AND stuntman like Jackie,”


“I see…” he said thinking to himself. He opened the door to our room and as I closed it behind me he said something to me that I’ll never forget. He said, “I’m not sure this is right for you,”


“Really…?” I said discouraged, “Why?”


I think Brad noticed my demeanor change and actually gave me a half smile, “Nevermind, just stick around and keep learning. You’ll do fine.” And with that he entered his room and closed his door. I didn’t know what to think. Had I rubbed Brad the wrong way? I hope not. But I was determined to do the best that I could regardless. As I lay in bed that night I ran through the day’s events in my head and wondered what I would be asked to do in the next month…I fell asleep picturing all of the crazy stunts and fight scenes from my favorite Jackie Chan movies barely believing that I was now on the team HELPING to MAKE ONE OF THEM!


                               More to come!  Stay tuned!


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I found an interview with Brad on YouTube.  There are clips from his demo reel in it!  His story about how he met Jackie is just as crazy as mine if not more so!  Check it out!