During one particularly long take where neither I nor Diana was needed, it dawned on me that I still had no idea what this movie was about! So I asked her.


“Oh? You still don’t know? I guess you never got a script did you?”


“Uh…no, everything happened so fast! I only found out I was coming here a few days ago remember?”


Diana laughed, “Of course! Well everyone has high hopes for this movie because it’s going to be the first one like it of its kind.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well in most movies, Jackie plays a regular guy,”


“Like a cop!”




“Or a chef!”




“Or a millionaire playboy!”


“Yes! But in this movie he actually plays a ghost!”




“Well not exactly a ghost. This is the first movie that Jackie actually dies!”




I guess the look on my face was so horrific, that Diana felt the need to comfort me, “No, but he comes back to life,”


“Phew! You had me worried there!”


“Yes…but he comes back as a Highbinder.”


“A Highbinder?! Oh!!! So THAT’S why the movie’s called Highbinders! I get it!”


“Yes, and it’s the first movie that Jackie will have supernatural powers!”


“Have you seen ANY of his other movies?! Are you telling me that THAT’S not supernatural?!” I joked.


Diana laughingly said, “True! But I guess they have much more action planned for this movie!”


“Wow…” My imagination began running wild with all the possibilities! I got really excited I didn’t know what to expect! I looked forward to all the action we’d be doing!


“So what’s this scene we’re shooting now?”


“Well Claire, who plays Jackie’s ex-girlfriend who’s also a cop, and Jackie are driving to the enemy’s hideout. He stole this Medallion which is the key to bringing a dead corpse back to life and turning him into an immortal Highbinder.”


I was intrigued, “So that’s who he has to fight?! A fellow Highbinder! I bet that fight’s going to be CRAZY!”


“I’m sure it will be!”


I smiled. Even though I only met Diana a few days ago I already felt like she was the big sister I never had. It was amazing how connected I felt to her! I’m sure she had that affect on everybody she came across. I thought to myself, “If I ever made it big, I’d need a Diana on set with me all the time!”


Our final day of shooting in the hills finally ended. Before I climbed into the transport van to head back to base camp I turned around and took in the breathtaking Irish landscape. “Incredible…” I said under by breath.


I was snapped out of my trance by Exy, “Come on! Let’s go! I’m tired!”


“Sorry! I’m coming!” I said as I quickly ran to the van. “So where are we shooting tomorrow?”


“Looks like we’ll be at Dublin Castle,” Diana said.


“Dublin Castle?!” I thought to myself, “Wow! Sounds epic! I can’t wait!”


I got home with Brad and before he went into his room he said, “Get some rest, there’s suppose to be a lot of action tomorrow,”


“Yes, I’ll go to bed right away!” Brad gave me a half smirk and went into his room. I think he found it funny how excited I was. I think I reminded him of himself when he first joined the Jackie Chan stunt team. I went to sleep barely able to contain my excitement for the next day. Little did I know what it was going to be the second biggest day of my life for I was about to meet a second living legend!


To Be Continued…Chapter 8: Meeting a SECOND Living Legend!!!


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