Since most biographies are written in the third person and are stale and boring, I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and not only do it in first person, but do it like a sports highlights reel giving you all the important moments!

I was born on August 17, 1981. Skip ahead a few years, I was an energetic, outgoing, fun-loving, rambunctious, and carefree child.

I took karate class for the first time when I was 7. I stuck with it a few weeks but always hated it cause the “Master” hurt me. After one sparring session where he punched me hard and knocked the wind out of me I quit and swore to the heavens I’d NEVER do karate again!

Skip ahead a few years later. I was 10 years old and my mother enrolled me in the Preying Mantis style of Kung Fu offered at my Chinese school. The training was different and much emphasis was put on the training of stances, kicks, and forms. It wasn’t bad.

At the age of 11 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was released and inspired me to redouble my efforts and pursue a life of martial arts training. I trained extra hard at my Kung Fu class rising to the top of my class meanwhile studying anything that had to do with Bruce Lee. I learned how he was not only a man of punches and kicks, but of philosophy as well. He trained and developed Jeet Kune Do by studying a myriad of martial arts and philosophies. From that point on I was inspired. I moved on to the other martial art icons of the 20th Century. From the west: David Carradine, Jean Cleade Van Damme, and the Power Rangers. From the east there were the “greats” Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I was amazed at their ability to influence millions through their films.

A year later I took up Tae Kwon Do hoping to one day be a master of all martial arts.

Flash forward two years. It’s my first year of high school and this girl (in band of all places – yes I was a music nerd, 1st Trumpet baby!) who trained gymnastics told me about the gym where she trained and asked if I wanted to go. Learning how to flip AND being surrounded by girls – uh…duh HELL YEAH I wanted to go! My first class was incredible. I had never been in a gymnastics gym and having trampolines, sprung floors, bars, vaults – it was too much! It was a dream come true! (in more ways that one!)

I continued training gymnastics at the gym till this very day. Unfortunately a few years later the Sifu of my Kung Fu program had a falling out with the parents committee and the Kung Fu program was cancelled. But I remained diligent in my Tae Kwon Do training and currently hold a 3rd degree black belt!

It wasn’t until my second last year of high school, at the age of 17, that I discovered my passion for drama. Up until now, I had performed in many martial art demos, but never really acted. Through drama I discovered a forum where I was able to express so many facets of life normally not experienced day to day. I was taught the acting theories of Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner. I continued my theatre training into university at the University of Toronto’s prestigious University College Drama Program.

After my first year of university something beyond my wildest imagination happened: I MET JACKIE CHAN!!! This is whole story in itself! Click here to read!

Two years later I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama. But ever wanting to learn and improve myself I continued with my acting training with The Second City Improvisational courses as well as studying with Toronto’s foremost acting instructors.

This is another pivotal moment, I was 21 and it was the end of 2002. Since mid 2002 I’d been going to an open gym in New Market hosted by this incredibly talented guy named Joe Eigo. There I met Jeff Ong, James Mark, Emerson Wong, Ilan Rosenberg, and Louie Paquette. Talks of forming a martial arts team were happening. We were all super excited at the prospect. But all the hype ultimately amounted to nothing since we only met once or twice a month and no one really got anything done.

Finally James, Jeff, Emerson, Ilan, and Louie got together and made it happen. James approached me the next time he saw me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the team they were forming. A little skeptical because of everything that had happened before, I reluctantly agreed. We all met the next day. Team Ryouko, Toronto’s first and only extreme martial arts performance team was born.

Since that day I have worked extensively in the film and television industry as well as in theatre and numerous live performances as an actor and stuntman. I try my best to live up to the legacy of my idols and to one day leave my own legacy to inspire generations to come.