There are 3 steps needed for an individual to improve:

  1. The determination to better oneself
  2. The proper knowledge
  3. Hard work

Most people I come across have steps 1 and 3 but lack 2. Without the proper knowledge of what to practice, all the hard work and determination in the world is useless. That is where I come in. With over a decade of training and teaching myself, I’ve developed teaching techniques that are guaranteed to help those achieve the desired skills they wish for!


I’ve had the honor and privilege of performing and training alongside national level gymnasts, trampolinists, and martial artists as well as worked alongside icons like Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. I have learned extensively from them all and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge so for those willing to learn, I am willing to teach.


Private Lesson                    (1 student)               $ 80/hour

Semi-Private Lesson           (2 students)             $ 90/hour

Small Group Lesson           (3-5 students)          $ 100/hour

Large Group Lesson           (6-10 students)        $ 200/hour


Monday, Wednesday and Friday Night Madness Adult Open Gym

Founder and Lead Instructor

Canadian National School of Wu Shu Kung Fu

Club Manager and Head XSD Instructor

Centre for Martial Arts

Head Instructor and Program Co-ordinator

City of Vaughan Gymnastics Program

Gymnastics Coach

Academy of Sport and Fitness

Junior Boys Gymnastics Coach

Steeles West Gymnastics

Senior Boys Gymnastics Coach

Woodbine Chinese Heritage Kung Fu Program

Assistant Instructor

· Stunt & Fight Choreography Training with the Jackie Chan Stunt Team

· 3rd Degree Black Belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do

· Boxing Specialist

· Weapons Specialist: Nunchuks, Bo Staff, Chinese Broadsword

· Parkour and Free Running Specialist

· National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 2 Technical Artistic Gymnastics

· National Coaching Certification Program  (NCCP) Level 1 Technical Trampoline

· First Aid & CPR certified