Stories: Meeting A Living Legend

For those of you who’ve heard the rumours and/or checked out my resume and seen the credit “Former Member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team,” this is the full, uncut story of how I met Jackie Chan…

Allen, JC, and the Stuntmen Team 2 

Myself, the JC stunt team and JACKIE CHAN! (I’m in the back row third from the right)

Chapter 1: The Audition

Chapter 2: Meeting a Living Legend

Chapter 3: "The Lunch"

Chapter 4: The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Chapter 5: Ireland

Chapter 6: First Day On Set!

Chapter 7: Set Life (NEW!)


The Teacher

This essay is a reflection of my personal thoughts on the qualities that a good teacher should have. Although the bulk of my experience comes from teaching martial arts and gymnastics, I believe the qualities that make up a good teacher are applicable to any subject be it a school teacher, a swimming instructor, or a vocal coach. These fundamental teaching principles are for those who have ever attempted to teach, want to teach, or are already teaching.